Audio Studio Manager
you keep the focus on your music
How do you organize your recordings?
Text Editor? Spreadsheet? Database? Notepad?
You will love Audio Studio Manager
Designed to help home recordists and recording engineers to organize their recording activities, Audio Studio Manager is the first application of this category in the Mac App Store and the only one fully developed in Objective-C. And that means: easily expandable and seamless integration with Mac OS X.
The best way to understand the Audio Studio Manager is to know the reasons that led me to create it.

I've been recording Brazilian music in the last 20 years, first in a home studio and then in a small professional studio. During this time, I always looked for an effective way to write down my recording activities, in particular things like how much time I spent to complete a job; how much has been charged for the job; how much of that has been paid for; which songs have been recorded, and so on.
I have tried to achieve this by using different tools, such as text editors, spreadsheets and database set up. However, the results were never really satisfactory, something was always missing.

With some programming experience, I have then decided to create a small integrated application dedicated to meet my specific needs, an application focused on things that might be useful to the musician, producers and recording engineers,  an application that could be expanded later on to meet other particular needs that may be identified. So I created Audio Studio Manager.

A wish to share this application with the music professionals who, like me, are faced with similar interests and difficulties to effectively record their routine studio activities led me to publish it on the Mac App Store.
Since then, other ideas are being constantly added to my original ones, which are making this experience all the more exciting.
Thanks very much
Mario Gil
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